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Juvenile Prank Elected Mayor

ImageADAIR, IA – A simple prank has escalated in small town Adair, Iowa. “C. Moore-Buttz” was elected mayor in yesterday’s election.

The prank seems to have started with one campaign sign staked into 37-year-old Adair resident Jim Collins yard.

“I don’t know who put it up in my yard,” Collins reports. “I thought it was pretty funny, so I left it.” Police are also baffled by who might have posted the sign, but before long other “C. Moore-Buttz for Mayor” signs appeared around Adair.

Posters were left on benches and bulletin boards, fliers began appearing in bar windows and between windshield wipers on cars parked in the nearby Wal-Mart. Soon enough, “C. Moore-Buttz” had a successfull grassroots campaign.

There is a resident of Adair named “C. Buttz” – Cameron Buttz, 6, who attends Adair Elementary. Adair officials sarcastically suggest that no toddler could effectively manage their city.

Not everyone is laughing, however. Mayoral candidate Jacqueline Boulware, defeated by “Moore-Buttz” in yesterday’s election, is outraged.

“This is why the terrorists hate this country,” Boulware told us.

So how did something like this happen? Jim Collins might have an answer.

“Jackie Boulware is a stupid bitch,” Collins concludes. “No one wanted to vote for her.”

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This entry was posted on April 11, 2013 by in Politics.
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