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Netflix Brings Back ‘Empty Nest’ for 8th Season

ImageLOS ANGELES, CA – Fans of the 90’s sitcom ‘Empty Nest’ can breathe a little easier tonight – Netflix has announced it will begin production on the eighth season of the family sitcom soon.

According to Ted Jones, President of Development for Netflix, the internet video company has been trying to bring ‘Nest’ back for years.

“It’s only been recently that we’ve noticed a slight uptick in ‘Empty Nest’ interest on the internet, so we decided now is the time. The time is now. For ‘Empty Nest’,” Jones told us. ‘Empty Nest’ was an American sitcom that originally aired on NBC from the late 1980’s until 1995. It was  a spin-off of another successful sitcom, ‘The Golden Girls’. “Unfortunately, ‘The Golden Girls’ can’t be brought back…unless it was all about Betty White. Betty White is in now, right?”

Jones says ‘Empty Nest’ fans can expect to see the new season as soon as next summer.

“Did you know ‘Nest’ was one of the top ten most watched programs during it’s first three seasons?” Jones asked us as he read the series’ Wikipedia page. “Joey Lawrence once guest starred. You know who else? Matthew Perry. Yeah, that Matthew Perry.”

What is unknown at this point is how Jones and Netflix plan to continue the series without Richard Mulligan’s character, Dr. Harry Weston. Mulligan passed away in 2000 at the age of 67.

“Richard Mulligan is dead? Oh…wow. Um…how’s David Leisure doing?” asked Jones.

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