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Old Lady Realizes Her iPad Has Been a Picture Frame

Tumbleton, NE – Sue Pumplecorn realized Monday that she was not actually using a computer tablet for hours on end, but an old picture frame she found lying around the house.  She has been using this picture frame for the past several months and claimed to be successfully sending e-mails, browsing websites, and installing applications.mean-old-lady

“See, young man, I press this button over here and the Facebook loads,” Pumplecorn told reporters on Monday.  She then pointed to a picture of her dead husband’s photo within the picture-frame.  The incident was both depressing and hilarious.

Pumplecorn had to be explained that she was simply moving dust around on her picture frame.  Despite hearing that Pumplecorn’s iPad was really a picture frame, Pumplecorn continued to use the picture frame to take pictures of all the reporters.  

Cases like Pumplecorn’s are not uncommon, and often the users are very satisfied with old picture frames instead of iPads.  “The battery lasts so long on my tablet, it sure is nice,” Pumplecorn added.  One thing’s for sure, senility: there’s an app for that.  


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This entry was posted on April 11, 2013 by in Community.
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