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Cards Against Humanity ‘Over’, says College Students

ImageCOLUMBIA, MO – Students at the University of Missouri – Columbia have decided that Cards Against Humanity, the multiplayer party game, is popular.

“Oh, yeah, it’s over,” Jacob Smith, 21, told us. “I’ve played like 10 games of it this year alone.”

The game, which consists of each player picking a card to answer a community card, has been gaining populatiry since hitting the market in 2011. Smith and his friends all agree, Apples to Apples has been replaced as the go-to party game.

“We used to all get together and get drunk and play Apples to Apples or Balderdash,” said Mary Turnbull, 22. “With this one, we don’t even have to be black-out drunk. But it helps.”

“It’s like a children’s game made for us. Really cool,” Turnbull added.

“I first heard about it this year, when I got back from summer break,” Smith said. “I walked in and my roommate said, ‘You remember Apples to Apples? You ain’t seen shit yet.’ He was right, I hadn’t.”

Other students agree, they’ve seen the game played on coffee tables across the campus.

“I even heard two guys talking about it at the bar last week,” Turnbull told us. “So, yeah, it’s over.”

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