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Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Turns Out to be Awesome Drinking Party


Templeton, AZ A.A. Founder

TEMPLETON, AZ – An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Templeton, Arizona was recently discovered to actually be a rowdy drinking party for all those in attendance, reports show.  Attendees who came to the meeting for help on alcohol addiction ended up drinking excessively and reportedly having a great time.

The A.A. meetings in Templeton started only a few weeks ago but were reportedly boring and lame according to members of the meeting.  That’s when Templeton’s A.A. founder whipped out a couple of six-packs and a handle of vodka.

“It’s a great place to come out and meet people.  We can worry about alcohol addiction later, it’s time to get wasted!” exclaimed founder & president Bud Vixon.  Vixon claimed that the previous meetings were lacking in attendance, but most of all, lacking in liveliness.

“I like to use beer bongs when I drink.  It’s not often I can find competition in my drinking habits,” said A.A. attendee Harry Robertson.  Robertson stated that he can have drinking competitions using beer bongs and playing beer pong at these meetings, which is an invited incentive to come out to the A.A. meetings.

Many college-aged drinkers began to arrive at the A.A. meetings for the free alcohol and boisterous company.  If you would like to attend, Facebook message Bud Vixon online today.

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