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Kevin Hart Searches For Perfect DUI Joke

ImageLOS ANGELES, CA – After allegedly being arrested for driving under intoxication, Kevin Hart set out to write the ‘perfect’ joke to handle the situation.

“Driving drunk is a lot like when your mom was….no, that won’t do,” Hart said, staring at his iPhone outside the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail. “‘I got pulled over for DUI…and for not being funny.’ Yeah, people like self-deprecating humor.”

Hart was pulled over on a Southern California freeway just before dawn on Sunday morning. The patrol officer that pulled him over claimed Hart was driving at over 90 miles per hour and was close to crashing into a gas tanker.

“I needed gas, and I saw a gas truck,” Hart was thinking about tweeting at first. “If a gas truck doesn’t have gas for me, America…no, this isn’t working.”

Hart even reached out to his friend Flo Rida in order to write the perfect joke that will make people not hate him or make fun of him. “Yeah, he called me and pitched a couple of jokes to me,” rapper Flo Rida told us. “The best one was probably, ‘Of course I was drunk driving, I had just watched Scary Movie 5. You try to get over that without a little bit of booze.’ He really wanted to use that one, but I think it goes over the character limit.”

Hart was reportedly released after paying a $5,000 bond. “$5,000 I can’t spend on drinks at the club, haha,” Hart reportedly told himself. “Naw, people won’t like that.”

Hart was still working on his perfect response to the situation when last seen, and was reportedly thinking about ‘going to the ‘Soul Plane‘ well again’.

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This entry was posted on April 14, 2013 by in Pop-Culture.
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