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Actor Adam Scott Wonders Why Everyone is Talking About Him Today

ImageAUGUSTA, GA – Actor and Comedian Adam Scott tried to figure out exactly why it seemed his name was everywhere today.

After golfer Adam Scott became the first Austrailian to win the Masters golf tournament today, actor Adam Scott wondered aloud why everyone seemed to be talking about him.

“I guess I am killing it today, thank you,” actor Scott mentioned to a random pedestrian after hearing his name. “You must have seen me on Parks and Recreation this week…thanks for watching!”

The actor, who appeared on television shows like ‘Eastbound and Down’ and ‘Party Down’ before making his big break in the Will Ferrell comedy Step Brothers, also told people on the street that he ‘really needed this today’.

“I haven’t been having a good day, no,” actor Adam Scott told us. “I burnt my toast this morning, my DVR only recorded half of the Louis CK special last night, but now that I’m the name on everybody’s lips, today has turned out pretty swell. I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

While golfer Adam Scott put on his green jacket for the first time, actor Adam Scott began responding to Twitter messages.

“Everyone is congratulating me…I didn’t even do much today. This guy here,” actor Scott said, pointing at his phone, “told me I’m a ‘heck of a golf player’. I’ve never even played! He must have a lot of faith in me, or know something I don’t.”

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