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Bieber: “Rosa Parks Woulda Loved Me”

ImageBOSTON, MA – Despite being in hot water with media agencies, Jews, and the world in general for his comments about Anne Frank being a ‘belieber’, Justin Bieber shocked an audience in Boston when he said civil rights hero Rosa Parks would have loved him.

While visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Friday, Bieber reportedly wrote that Anne Frank would have been a ‘belieber’ if she had not existed in the 1940’s, or been murdered by Nazis. Media agencies were aflame with the news over the weekend, mocking the singer with scorn and sarcasm.

Not letting that get to him, Bieber took the time between songs at a concert in Boston to tell the audience that Rosa Parks was another one of his hypothetical fans.

“I don’t know if you know this, guys, but you remember Rosa Parks? That lady that didn’t want to sit on the back of that airplane? She woulda looooved me,” fans said Bieber said.

Bieber’s remarks were initially met with laughter, but that quickly turned into a chorus of jeers.

“What, you don’t ‘beliebe’ me?” the pop star then asked the crowd.

“It seemed like some sort of cruel joke,” one woman present at the concert said. “But then he kept going on about how she would have appreciated his ‘slick beats and silky voice’.”

No one knows exactly what gave the singer the idea that a civil-rights icon would have loved his pop music, but when pressed by reporters after the concert, Bieber did not back down.

“Old black lady that lives in the South? Shit, she would have been my first Twitter follower,” Bieber said, before placing a Halloween mask of his own face over his real face.

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