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Kim Jong Un Upset Over Lack of Media Attention Today

WASHINGTON D.C. – Reports are coming in that Kim Jong Un is incredibly “fussy” over the lack of media coverage he is receiving today.  Other events in America have had extensive coverage from news media which would otherwise be reporting Un’s latest threats and belligerent statements.


Satellite images show that Kim Jong Un spent the whole day on his laptop Googling himself.  Images show that Un began jumping up and down and hitting his computer, in a temper tantrum over the news media covering something besides him and North Korea.

Un tweeted today: “I still have bombs you know! #helloAny1There?”  Regardless of Un’s demeanor on Twitter, very little attention was given to him by any Americans.

However, according to reports, Dennis Rodman Facebook messaged Un and said, “hey, little man.  You doin’ ok?”  This set off a brief conversation that seemed to settle down the leader of North Korea, at least for a little while.  Rodman told us that no matter what he said,  Un was not amused.

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This entry was posted on April 15, 2013 by in Politics.
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