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Sunday Night Round-Up – The Headlines We Didn’t Use This Week

Man Uses Long Beard to Lasso Criminals

Facebook Users Don’t Understand What ‘Hacking’ Means, Study Finds

Bar Room Lawyer Considers Running for States Attorney

Graffiti in Joshua Tree Parks Causes Joshua Tree CD Sales Spike

Wal-Mart to Start Selling Chinese Women

Dubai Kids Smoke Ants To Get High; ‘No Thanks’ says American Kids

Man on LSD Has Million Dollar Idea; Forgets It

Virus Program Gives Viruses; World Fucked

Fake Pot Wants Real Pot to Remain Illegal

Giant Plum Solves Math Problems

Wesley Snipes Released From Actual Prison, Still in Mental Prison

Man Sues Casino for Losses; Says He Was Sleep Walking

Mars Rover Finds Old Russian Spacecraft, North Korean Paper Airplane Also Found

Local Clown Depresses 100 Children

Knife Store Owner Supports Gun Ban

Man Purposely Serves Woman Food to Choke On in Order to Give Her Heimlich Maneuver

Comedian Jonathan Winters To Live Forever (UPDATE)

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