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Jew Spotted on ChristianMingle.com

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A public outcry occurred Monday when Christian minglers spotted a Jewish individual on ChristianMingle.com.  The man was found out to be Jewish by another member who swears he’s “not discriminating,” he just wants the website to stay true to the title.  christianmingle-com-increases-membership

TheJewish man is Oregon native Ed Rosenbaum, an attorney and reportedly, “into Christian women.”

“I’ve been found out by the community, so I guess I’ll have to be banned to JDate.com, a site for Jewish singles,” said Ed.  “I still want to tap some of that Christian, Jesus-lovin’ ‘ace,'” Rosenbaum added.

Ed and others hope for a day when ChristianMingle.com and JDate.com can come together and awkwardly meet individuals in parking lots regardless of religion.

While most users on both sites claim that religion “helps them get ass,” others claim they simply want someone of their own religion to marry.  Then there are those who hate anyone who doesn’t practice their own religion.

One comment on “Jew Spotted on ChristianMingle.com

  1. Jesus
    October 25, 2013

    I think Ed is awesome

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