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Man on Horseback Gets in Fender Bender

CONCORD, NH – A man riding his horse down Route 23 in Concord New Hampshire recently got into a fender-bender accident with a 1998 Ford Taurus.  The accident occurred as the rider, Dirk Hamstring, was in a full gallop on his way to the Sheriff to tell them someone poisoned the old well.  cowboys

Fred Ponchak, the driver of the Ford Taurus, was not concerned about the old well, but he was very concerned at the dent in his ’98 Ford.

The horse apparently kicked the car mid-gallop and but a sizeable dent in Ponchak’s automobile.

When asked if the horse committed the crime, the horse, named Layla, replied, “nayyy.”  Layla refused any further questioning.  Layla’s lawyer, also a horse, did arrive to comment.

“Nayy, [sniff],” Layla’s lawyer told us.

However, Fred Ponchak, the driver of the Ford, argued that “no one can talk to a horse, of course.”

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