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Yoda Arrested for Using the Force to Remove Woman’s Bra

DAGOBAH – Master Yoda was arrested today after accusations came forward that he used the force to remove a woman’s bra without her consent.  The Jedi Master was apprehended in Dagobah after a light saber battle between Yoda and the police.Yoda_SWSB

“Said it would be alright, she did,” Yoda said while being taken to the nearest police station for questioning.  “Pervert, I am not,” he added.

The police responded firmly as Officer Johnson said “these were not the tits you were looking for.”  Officer Johnson was a Jedi in training before joining the Dagobah P.D.

“Bra leads to tits, tits lead to squishy, squishy leads to boner,” Yoda said at a press conference.  “She must un-fasten what she has fastened,” Yoda added.

The Dagobah P.D. are not impressed by Yodas status in the Rebellion.

“As far as we’re concerned, Yoda’s an old pervert.  And I like the Rebellion,” Officer Duncan said.  It is yet to be confirmed whether any Skywalker would post bail.

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