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Man Must Use 29 Different Remotes to Watch Television

DICKINSON, ND – A man from North Dakota is required to use a record 29 remote controls in order to watch his television, reports say.  27 year old Harold Feltz is unable to sit down, relax and watch television without handling 19 remote controls.  The remote controls are kept in a giant sack on his coffee table where Feltz must take every one of them, one by one, and push the appropriate buttons to watch television.  pic-remote-controls-pile-1

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” Feltz told us while handling the 5th of 29 remote controls.  “This remote controls the next 2 remote controls for the cable box and audio receiver.  Once I turn on the remote controls with the remote controls, I can use the remote controls to power up later remote controls,” Feltz said.

There probably is an easier way for Feltz to watch television, but Feltz claims he has yet to find a way.

“Often times I’ll give up and go to a department store to watch televisions there.  It has gotten that bad,” Feltz told us.  Feltz has been kicked out of his local Best Buy three times and his local Sears twice.

Feltz told us that it usually takes him about an hour and a half to get his television, cable, audio receiver, surround sound, and other mechanisms going.  The problem has inhibited him on several occasions.  When his wife went into labor, she was forced to wait an hour and a half for Harold Feltz to turn everything off so they could go to the hospital.

“It is out of control, literally,” Feltz said laughing.  Harold Feltz is indeed a strange individual.

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