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Satan to Start Own Twitter Account

DEPTHS OF HELL – The Prince of Darkness himself will begin tweeting from the demon-infested flames of the underworld.  Satan believes his public relations need a boost, especially during times of great tragedy and havoc.  Satan

Satan will use the Twitter handle SillySatanSays to tweet about pop-culture, politics, religion and philosophy.  The Lord of the Underworld believes this will display what he’s “all about.”  He is concerned about the image of himself that was portrayed in the History Channel’s series, The Bible.

“The damned humanity will now know what Satan himself thinks about the Biebs and gun control policy!” Satan exclaimed in an interview.  Satan hopes to be retweeted and have a respectable following from evil people and good people alike, all over the world.

“I don’t want to just post links to my blog, you know?  I want to be clever with the tweets alone.  I have a lot to say and whatever,” Satan added.  Satan’s first tweet Tuesday was, “Hey ya’ll is it hot in Hell or is it just me? LOL #DarknessReignsSupreme”.

No word yet on what God thinks of Satan’s new social media campaign.  God could not be reached for contact but His secretary, Jo Anne, said God may create His own Twitter account in response to Satan.


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This entry was posted on April 18, 2013 by in Pop-Culture, Religion.
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