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Biden Has Bad Trip on 4/20

WASHINGTON D.C. – Vice President Joe Biden was apparently celebrating 4/20 and began having what psychedelic drug users call “a bad trip.”  Reports say Biden “loves 4/20” and was celebrating with all sorts of substances.  A White House drug dealer is said to have brought Biden some weed, shrooms, doses, and rolls among others.biden

Biden began having psychedelic hallucinations, such as seeing “the Transformers guy and butterflies, man.”  Then, once Biden calmed down, he began to have deep philosophical thoughts about “life in general.”

“I know I’m vice president, but I’m like, just some dude really,” Biden lamented.  Then, suddenly, he began swatting imaginary butterflies around his head and screaming that “this is a sign, man!”

It was a far from ordinary day for Joe Biden.  He apparently licked every bag clean from the drugs he was using.  When a reporter for Word Rat went to ask him some questions, he just screamed, “It’s the Illumanati!”

Secret Service insisted “he’ll be fine he just needs to ride it out,” they said.  While some people feel this type of behavior is unacceptable, many others are utterly impressed by Joe’s tolerance.

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This entry was posted on April 20, 2013 by in Politics, Pop-Culture.
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