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Grandma Arrested after Candy in Bowl Found to be Expired

BROOKINGS, SD – Grandma Peters was arrested last night after authorities found that the candy she was serving in her candy bowl was expired.  Grandma Peters’ grandson, Billy, is an FBI agent and a candy enthusiast who had to arrest his own grandmother.  When Billy Peters found that Grandma’s candy was expired, Billy Peters claimed he had “no choice” but to turn in old Grandma Peters.  oldlady

“I just wanted to put out candy for the little darlings,” Grandma Peters said in a statement earlier today.  “I know how my little Billy likes his sweets!  He has such a sweet tooth, you know, and a great job working for the government,” Grandma continued, oblivious that she was turned in by her grandson.

Billy Peters has been an FBI agent for almost two years, and this seems to be his biggest catch so far.

“I can’t let my Grandma serve expired candy – it’s unhealthy, dangerous, and could cause someone to be sick.  She needed to be turned in to the authorities right away,” said Billy Peters.

Grandma Peters has reportedly been baking pies and cakes for Brookings, SD police officers all day.  The officers claim she makes “the greatest cakes ever!”   Billy Peters has been peeking at the activities through a window all day, according to sources.

3 comments on “Grandma Arrested after Candy in Bowl Found to be Expired

  1. billierard
    April 20, 2013

    That’s just stupid to arrest her. She shouldn’t be selling things that are out-of-date but everywhere does. I eat “expired candy” all the time, it doesn’t really go off, it’s mainly sugar. In fact most of the food I eat is past it’s sell by date. Buying it that way is just cheaper, and most shops don’t even reduce the prices for confectionary past it’s sell-by date.

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  3. roberta4949
    April 21, 2013

    her grandson had it out for her, maybe he gets extra brownie points if he arrests a relative or something or he had a grudge against her and this was just an excuse, yes if it is expired and it bad the kids wouldnt eat it anyway. creep. what are they teaching their agents anyway to be creeps who have nothing better to do then pick on people for non crimes?

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