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Sunday Night Roundup – The Headlines We Didn’t Use (4/21/13)

ImageCNN to Make New Channel for Boston Aftermath

Mr. Rogers’ Past Show He Was a Hell’s Angel

Missing Brown University Student Goes on Grand Theft Auto-esque Crime Spree with the Mooninites in Boston, Reddit Says

Extreme Crunchy Peanut Butter Behind Bars for Battery

Boston Suspect Suspected of Being Boston Suspect

Study: Farting Increases Comedy Skills

Not to be Outdone by Golf, NBA Announces All-Toddler Playoffs

New Pop Artist Ugly; 1st in Decades

Obama Stands Up Monica Lewinsky

Hillbilly Moonshine Awarded Best Beverage

Woman Returns from Vacation to Find 6 Copies of Shawshank Redemption on DVR

Sports Team Wins, then Loses, then Wins, then Loses…

America Not Tired of Movies About People Trying to Meet Celebrities

New Death Penalty Offered: Death by Tickling

Chicago Man Gets 10 Years in Jail After Stepping on Obama’s Sneakers When He Was Seventeen

Monday Going Pretty Well So Far (UPDATE)

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