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Anne Frank House Now Hip Celebrity Hotspot

ImageAMSTERDAM – The house in which Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis has now become a hip celebrity hotspot, Amsterdam officials report.

After Justin Bieber made news when he visited the house and signed their guestbook, other celebrities have come out in full force to make the house the new hip spot in Amsterdam.

“A lot of people come to Amsterdam for the marijuana,” Amstersam Tourism Manager Tim Garrett told reporters today. “But now we find that most celebrities coming to town are only doing so to check out the Anne Frank House and Museum. We have Bieber to thank for that.”

Now that the Anne Frank House is ‘in’, celebrities such as Tara Reid, Justin Theroux, Selena Gomez, and John Mayer have reportedly visited. “Not any of them are really interested in the history of the location, I will say that,” Garrett added. “Tara Reid was even upset there was no bar located on the property.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna visited the house today, and Jack Black mentioned on his Twitter account that he would visit the landmark tomorrow.

The guestbook at the house has been frequently used by it’s celebrity visitors. Ryan Lochte, while filming his new reality show, signed the guestbook by repeatedly writing ‘Jeah!” in the side columns. No sources have been able to explain exactly what that may mean. While speaking to the papparazzi outside the landmark, Kanye West explained why he thought celebrities were flocking to the old Amsterdam home.

“Anne Frank was a celebrity, one of the originals,” West said. “She was so famous, people be readin’ her diaries. That’s crazy famous.”


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