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Facebook Friend Really Overdoing It

FACEBOOK.COM – There is a particular friend on your Facebook feed that really seems to be overdoing it.  He or she is posting far too many pictures of himself or herself and updating Facebook with annoying statuses way too often.  images

For example, your friend continues to post pictures of himself with other friends drinking, then complaining about the hangover via a Facebook status, and really “going to town” on Facebook apps and games.  Maybe he or she has kids, in which case you feel like you’ve seen so many damned pictures of the kids that you could have raised them.

In some cases, the Facebook friend is left in the news feed because he or she is attractive.  In other cases, you seem to want to keep hating this individual.

You do not care what he or she is eating for breakfast nor would you ever want to know.  Also, it seems he or she is posting ridiculous photos with other people you either do not know, or despise.

Just when you think you have seen enough of this person, he or she invites you to some band’s show you would never, in a million years, attend.

Instead of blocking their posts from appearing, it is easier for you to simply insist, “this person should be banned from Facebook.”


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2013 by in Community, Pop-Culture.
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