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Man Confesses He Wasn’t Really Laughing Out Loud When He Wrote “LOL”

FRANKVILLE, AL – George Toulman confessed in front of a jury of his peers that he was not actually laughing out loud when he wrote, “LOL.”  Jurors showed signs of disgust and disbelief when they heard the disturbing news on Monday.   media_httpfarm5static_ddpzb-scaled500

State prosecutor Jim Gross was a friend of George Toulman’s, and noticed that Toulman was using the abbreviation “LOL” constantly during online conversations.  Gross wrote to Toulman, “Hey, the weather sure is swell.”  To this Toulman replied “Yeah, I know LOL.”  This is when Gross hired a private investigator to see if Toulman was indeed laughing out loud.

The private investigator conducted a comprehensive investigation over Toulman’s claims to be laughing out loud. The P.I. placed an audio bug inside Toulman’s home office and then monitored a conversation between the two.

Once time stamps were placed on the “LOL” listings, the private investigator had nailed Toulman.

“Not laughing at all.  Sometimes maybe a ‘pfff’ at most,” Gross said as he cross examined Toulman.

Toulman was sentenced to death for being found guilty of lying about an “LOL.”


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