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New Reality Show Seeks to Match Serial Killers with Victims

ImageBURBANK, CA – A new reality show, ‘The Catcher’ premieres this week, with the premise of matching serial killers with the right victims.

Formerly a documentary series about serial killings and how they affect the global conciousness, producers decided to change the format once they met charismatic serial killer Donnie Waters. Waters has been preying on prostitutes and co-eds in Chicago for over two decades.

“I met Donnie, and immediately I wanted to find the perfect victim for him,” Derek Long, producer of the new show said. “He’s been going between hookers and college students, brunettes and blondes, men and women – basically anyone that’s out on the streets whenever he’s prowling. That’s no way for a serial killer to pick a victim.” Waters declined to speak to us, for fear of revealing his now revealed identity.

Long and his fellow producers have signed over a dozen serial killers to television deals, and have now begun the process of choosing from thousands of potential victims.

“I can’t wait for America to catch ‘Catcher’ fever,” Long said. “Did you ‘catch’ what I did there? It’s the name of the show.”

Long says ‘The Catcher’ will pick up where shows like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Voice’ failed to go. “The audience will be able to call in and vote on who they think each killer should rape and murder. We even spoke about the audience potentially voting on the weapon each killer would use to massacre their victim, but I think, ultimately, that takes a lot of the choice out of the killer’s hands. They should be allowed to kill how they want to kill.”

In addition to ‘The Catcher’, Long is also developing a game show that allows prisoners to potentially gain their release if they can perform various tasks, such as singing karaoke without the lyrics and beating computers at chess.

‘The Catcher’ premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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