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History Channel Still Going Through Conspiracy Theory Phase

HISTORY CHANNEL – The History Channel still seems to still be going through its “conspiracy-theory” phase where it believes in aliens, dated religious texts and Necrodamus predictions.  The History Channel began in 1995, making the channel approximately 18 years old today.  This means the channel is right on cue for going through a “what’s really going on?” phase in its life.hi

History Channel seems to be using the internet frequently and visiting websites featuring vasts amounts of conspiracy-type material.  According to psychologists, it is during these late teen years that people attempt to “look behind the curtain,” so to speak.  History Channel’s mother also suspects History Channel is smoking marijuana.

We tried to reach History Channel for comments.

“I don’t know who you work for, you could be the government,” History Channel told us when we asked about their new television shows.  We proceeded with questions anyway.

“Why do you have shows about the apocalypse, Necrodamus, the Bible, and ‘Ancient Aliens’?” we asked. That’s when History Channel took a look over both shoulders and ran away.

It seems that documentaries about World War II or the French Revolution have become boring for the 18 year old History Channel.  Hopefully, in time, it will focus on their programs with integrity: Pawn Stars.

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