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Sesame Street Introduces First Terrorist Muppet


Jihad Jerry

SESAME STREET – The hit PBS television Sesame Street will introduce its first “terrorist muppet,” according to the show’s creators.  The muppet will be the first ever terrorist on a children’s television show.  Sesame Street creators believe this will bring a new audience to the show and has the potential of offering dramatic plot twists.

Sesame Street is proud to offer a wide variety of diversity on the show.  However, they have disregarded a new popular portion of the population: terrorists.

“We want children to understand that terrorists live among us, even on Sesame Street,” said producer Harold Zinan.  “This will show children what to watch out for and what to do when a terrorist is lurking about.”

The terrorist muppet will be named Jihad Jerry, a muppet who is constantly plotting against Sesame Street.  His catch phrase will be calling things “da bomb.”  For instance, “Oscar the Grouch, your garbage can is ‘da bomb’.”

Other muppets like “Big Bird” will judge Jihad Jerry on his character, but then be wrong – dead wrong.



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This entry was posted on April 24, 2013 by in Politics, Pop-Culture.
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