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Ultrasound Shows Fetus Watching Football and Eating Cheetohs

CHICAGO, IL – An ultrasound of a local woman shows her unborn child watching football and eating Cheetohs.  Local woman Paula Rump found this startling news when she went for a routine ultrasound at Northwest Medical Care Clinic in Illinois.  fetus

“It appears the fetus has found a way to order a TV and snacks online, and somehow harnesses electric power through the umbilical cord,” said Dr. Chum.

One possible explanation is the mother’s consistent diet of electric eel.

“I eat a lot of electric eel, and sometimes the FedEx guy asks to go weird places,” mother Paula Rump admitted.

The fetus appears to be intelligent enough to arrange a type of living room in the womb.  The baby was due to be delivered around Super Bowl Sunday, presumably when the fetus wants to get the full experience of watching the big game.

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This entry was posted on October 6, 2013 by in Pop-Culture, Science.
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