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Trump Campaign Declared a Cult by Cult Prevention Society 

NEW YORK, NY – The Chicago based watchdog group Cult Prevention Society has added the campaign of presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to their list of active cults in the United States. Researchers found his campaign matched many criteria for committing “mind abuse.”

Some of the society’s claims include criticizing the campaign for likening Donald Trump to a messianic savior who lashes out against criticisms or opposition.  Members believe the campaign causes people to develop irrational prejudice against others who do not align with their bizarre beliefs.

Most of all, proponents for the Cult Prevention Society want to emphasize that Trump supporters are often easily influenced and are thereby easier targets for the Trump campaign. 

“Even though Trump may be a radiant orange and have a mysterious, mystical rodent living on his head, please do not engage with this sociopathic monster,” CPS member Herb Stanson warned. Stanson gained notoriety for his criticisms of PT Cruiser drivers. 


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This entry was posted on May 6, 2016 by in Science.
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