Word Rat

Reliable Fake News. "Shitty Onion"


Word Rat is a cheap Onion rip-off site featuring poorly written comedic articles and high school writing levels. What started as a $0 budget literary zine in Decatur, Illinois is now a shitty WordPress site out of Chicago.

Want to contact us?  Not sure why you would but here you go..

Est. 2009


by Miles Wisniewski

by Miles Wisniewski


One comment on “About

  1. Hate Mail
    April 21, 2013

    It’d be a waste of money to actually print out a magazine about the things you write about. Obviously they’re so fake and ignorant, but the sad thing is, there’s obviously some people who are dumb enough to think that it’s serious. I usually don’t care about crap like this but getting people spreading your posting and the being stupid enough to believe them, means that people are going to hear about it. Yes, it’s their fault for believing, but I hate ignorant cocky people.

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