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Missing Malaysia Flight Passengers Return from Space Wormhole with Giant Tits

BEIJING, CHINA – The missing Malaysia airline MH370 and its passengers have reportedly returned safely from a space wormhole, and the passengers and crew are now returning safely to their families … Continue reading

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Barbers Flock to North Korea After Mandatory Haircuts Enforced

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – A recent census report revealed that an alarming number of barbers from the U.S. are expatriating to North Korea following Kim Jon Un’s enforcement of a … Continue reading

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Russian Protest Band ‘Penis Riot’ Angering Putin

RUSSIA – A new protest punk band from Russia has caused an even greater stir than the popular band Pussy Riot in Russia.  The new band Penis Riot, featuring five … Continue reading

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Bag of Weed Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor

WASHINGTON D.C. – A bag of weed was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor at the White House today.  The celebrated bag of weed was reportedly a used “ten-sack” that … Continue reading

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Report: NSA Spies on Heaven/Hell

AFTERLIFE – The NSA has began spying on the afterlife in an attempt to reduce amounts of hauntings, demonic possessions, and other supernatural phenomenons.  Reports from NSA agents cite that … Continue reading

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Wife Finds Bill O’Reilly’s New Book Draft Entitled “Killing Bill O’Reilly’s Wife”

NEW YORK, NY – FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly is in hot water after his wife caught him writing a manuscript for a book entitled “Killing Bill O’Reilly’s Wife.” The … Continue reading

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Ultrasound Shows Fetus Watching Football and Eating Cheetohs

CHICAGO, IL – An ultrasound of a local woman shows her unborn child watching football and eating Cheetohs.  Local woman Paula Rump found this startling news when she went for … Continue reading

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