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Report: Donald Trump’s Penis A Registered Democrat

NEW YORK, NY – A recent background check into Donald Trump’s penis showed that the penis was a registered Democrat, and an avid supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders.  The news … Continue reading

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New Hollywood Hotties Couple: Ryan Gosling and the Ebola Virus

Actor Ryan Gosling, best known for his role in the 1995 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, was seen getting hot and heavy with the Ebola virus at a Hollywood … Continue reading

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Missing Malaysia Flight Passengers Return from Space Wormhole with Giant Tits

BEIJING, CHINA – The missing Malaysia airline MH370 and its passengers have reportedly returned safely from a space wormhole, and the passengers and crew are now returning safely to their families … Continue reading

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Barbers Flock to North Korea After Mandatory Haircuts Enforced

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – A recent census report revealed that an alarming number of barbers from the U.S. are expatriating to North Korea following Kim Jon Un’s enforcement of a … Continue reading

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Russian Protest Band ‘Penis Riot’ Angering Putin

RUSSIA – A new protest punk band from Russia has caused an even greater stir than the popular band Pussy Riot in Russia.  The new band Penis Riot, featuring five … Continue reading

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Bag of Weed Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor

WASHINGTON D.C. – A bag of weed was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor at the White House today.  The celebrated bag of weed was reportedly a used “ten-sack” that … Continue reading

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Report: NSA Spies on Heaven/Hell

AFTERLIFE – The NSA has began spying on the afterlife in an attempt to reduce amounts of hauntings, demonic possessions, and other supernatural phenomenons.  Reports from NSA agents cite that … Continue reading

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