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Fart Ruins Evening

LUPSTINGTON, IN – A wet nasty fart has reportedly ruined an evening for Jill and Tom Fernton this past Friday night at the Hollywood Cinema in Lupstington.  The fart began … Continue reading

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Facebook Argument Solves Refugee Crisis

LOMBARD, IL – The United Nations and national leaders around the world report that the refugee crisis was completely solved by a Faceboook debate between recent college graduate Gary Dramper and … Continue reading

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Country’s Dad Cancels Election; Cites ‘Golden Rule’

The country’s dad, Ron Stilsky, has reportedly canceled the United States presidential election. Dad claims the cancellation was the result of people not getting along. Silsky has reportedly had it … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Combine to Form Ultra Candidate: Hillernie

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton have reportedly combined their bodies together to form a perfect genderless Democratic being named Hillernie.  The being is … Continue reading

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Adult Diaper Industry Booming Amidst Transgender Bathroom Controversy

CHARLESTON, SC – Statistics show that the adult diaper industry is experiencing an unprecedented spike in overall sales in March-May 2016.  The sales correlate with the recent controversy involving transgender Americans … Continue reading

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Trump Campaign Declared a Cult by Cult Prevention Society 

NEW YORK, NY – The Chicago based watchdog group Cult Prevention Society has added the campaign of presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to their list of active cults in … Continue reading

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Report: Donald Trump’s Penis A Registered Democrat

NEW YORK, NY – A recent background check into Donald Trump’s penis showed that the penis was a registered Democrat, and an avid supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders.  The news … Continue reading

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